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"For we know that if our earthly house, this tent is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed with our habitation which is from heaven." 2 Cor. 5:1,2

Most of us do not like to think of our death. This is natural because we fear the great unknown. What happens once we die? Most of us whether we have chosen Christ or not are a little unsettled in what will become of us.

Paul refers to our body here as our earthly house, our tent. The fact that he refers to our bodies as tents is of great significance because a tent is never meant as a permanent structure, only a temporary measure. And so it is for those who trust in Christ our bodies are only temporary as is our lives here on earth. There is something much better. Something permanent. Something eternal. It here called "our habitation which is from heaven." And it is not made by "hands". Instead it comes from God, the perfect engineer, the flawless designer, the authority on what is best for all men.

Most of us are never happy with our bodies. We are too short or too tall. We are too skinny or as is the case most often, too fat. If we have straight hair we would rather have curls. And of course "brunettes want to be blondes." This lack of contentment stems from the curse of sin. The perfect creation was spoiled and God's design for us was damaged. Beloved only God can make you what you want to be. I am ever convinced that what God chooses to clothe us with in eternity will not only be flawless, but also will make us content with our new and eternal appearance.

So do not fret and worry over the decay of our human bodies. It was only a temporary covering. One that will one Day be replaced by a perfect body given to us by a Perfect God to all who trust in His Perfect Son Christ Jesus. Be encouraged and Think about it! David.

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